_wr3bjzvWelcome to my little corner of the Internet. I’m Ana, and I’m currently working as a reviewer and translator in a company specializing in video game localization (yes, there is life beyond literary translation, but that’s a different topic in itself). Much of my work revolves around proofreading and thinking in all possible ways to shorten a sentence so that it fits in a tiny box without losing its meaning.

I read both in Spanish and English, trying to achieve a healthy balance between the two. I prefer to read Classics in the original language, although I think comparing translations is a great way to learn.

I read physical books and ebooks, although lately, I’m also getting into the world of audiobooks. I tend to lean towards non-fiction, sci-fi/fantasy, and classics. That said, I don’t shy away from delving into unknown genres.

Last but not least, I also enjoy photography, a good cup of tea (black or green) and, if time and money allow for it, to travel.